Our Firm

KeyCorp LLC is an affiliate of FundCorp, Inc., a Fort Worth, Texas-based company which operates a private equity investment and advisory business(collectively "KeyCorp LLC and Affiliates"). Although addressing national and some international markets, FundCorp portfolio companies have been focused primarily in Texas, the Northeastern United States, and the Mid-Continental United States.


KeyCorp LLC and Affiliate-sponsored companies are in the energy, quick service restaurant, financial services, food manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, medical distribution, therapeutic services, steel fabrication, real estate, and sports construction industries.  Advisory services have been provided to these industries as well as administrative, environmental, and personal services.  KeyCorp LLC and Affiliates principals have sponsored acquisitions and held top management roles of middle market businesses in each of these areas. Management believes that the current economic environment presents attractive investment opportunities in select companies throughout the U.S., and internationally, and particularly those within the energy, medical and food sectors of the economy.


KeyCorp LLC and Affiliates look for business opportunities that can benefit from its provision of operating expertise and enhanced capital management.

Our Investment Focus

KeyCorp LLC and Affiliates focus on control investments in lower middle-market companies (revenues < $250 million) with a strong management team and a proven operating platform, where value may be added through tactical, strategic and financial guidance. 


Specifically, KeyCorp LLC and Affiliates focus on the areas of finance, strategic expansion and acquisition analysis to maximize efficiencies and enhance overall operations.