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"We attempt to be thoughtful stewards of the opportunities made available to us. FundCorp operates with well-refined principles. Collectively, we've identified opportunities where we can make a difference in the businesses in which we invest and lives of the people who are impacted by them."



FundCorp, Inc

FundCorp, Inc (“FCI”) is a Fort Worth, Texas-based company which operates as an investment vehicle for two family offices that have a twenty year co-investment history.  Although addressing national and some international markets, its portfolio companies have focused primarily on Texas, the Northeastern, and Southeastern United States, and the Mid-Continental United States.

FCI-sponsored companies are in the energy, financial services, food and franchising, equipment manufacturing, medical distribution, therapeutic services, steel fabrication, real estate, and sports construction industries.  Advisory services have been provided to these industries as well as to the administrative, environmental, and personal services markets  FCI focuses on control investments in lower middle-market companies (revenues < $300 million) with a strong management team and a proven operating platform, where value may be added through tactical, strategic and financial guidance.

FundCorp, Inc.


     Main: 817.735.4777       

  Facsimile: 817.735.4183        



FundCorp Inc
550 Bailey Avenue, Suite 650

Fort Worth, TX 76147



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