KeyCorp LLC

KeyCorp LLC, an affiliate of FundCorp Inc., was established to acquire, operate and hold investments with an emphasis in the Food Services/Restaurant Industry. Though geographically agnostic, KeyCorp LLC prefers to operate in Texas and the Southeastern U.S., close to its home office in Fort Worth.


KeyCorp LLC's access to capital allows it to approach investments both efficiently and creatively, and provides an ability to hold an investment indefinitely.


KeyCorp LLC affiliates have actively acquired and grown companies for over 15 years, with a track record of success in a variety of industries.



KeyCorp has the resources to acquire and operate even the most challenged companies. Where most private equity groups purchase and then hire managers to operate, KeyCorp leadership takes a different approach.


Managing its own capital allows the KeyCorp leadership team to use its diverse skill set and experience to actively manage each portfolio company. Due to this hands-on approach to investment management, KeyCorp LLC tends to focus on a small number of deals at any given time. This strategy has increased the success rate of the investments, and provided for a deeper understanding of each investment. During the most recent economic downturn, our hands-on method was critical to successfully navigate the macroeconomic challenges that proved fatal to so many companies spanning the same industries in which we invested.

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KeyCorp LLC
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